About the Firm

The Johnson Garcia LLP law firm was established with the sole objective of helping clients recover their damages after injury. With more than 25 years of combined experience, founding partners Daniel Johnson and Juan Garcia are experienced personal injury lawyers who have represented some of the world’s largest companies in some of the most complex business and personal injury disputes and related catastrophes.

Dedicated to Helping Those in Need

Despite their successes handling high-stakes corporate disputes involving billions of dollars, Johnson and Garcia chose to walk away as Senior Partners from one of the oldest and most prestigious law firms in the US in order to found the law firm of Johnson Garcia LLP—a firm dedicated exclusively to helping those in need. Our decades of experience representing corporations and insurance companies now work to your advantage!

Guiding You Every Step of the Way

A lawsuit is one of the most difficult events a person may face in life. Unfortunately, when you’re injured a lawsuit is often the only path for you to recover your damages. We are experienced personal injury lawyers who will guide you on that path and ensure that you have the absolute best chance of recovering your damages.

No one knows the system more than the lawyers at Johnson Garcia LLP—for years we represented corporations, experience that has helped us master our strategy for getting maximum recoveries for our clients. No one will fight harder for you, and no one brings the same singular commitment and personal focus that Johnson Garcia LLP will provide you along the way to recovery. In fact, we are so dedicated to your success that you won’t pay us anything until we win for you.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Juan Garcia is tough. He understands how to fight and doesn’t give an inch to insurance companies until he gets what he thinks you deserve. I recommend him and his firm to anyone!” – Amy W.

“Daniel helped me solve a very challenging business dispute. He was aggressive, responsive, and got done exactly what I needed! I strongly recommend he and his firm to anyone who has a serious legal fight on their hands” – Michael B.

“Daniel and Juan are the best! I had never been involved in a lawsuit in my life so the process scared me, but these guys made me feel comfortable every step of the way. I always knew I had the best lawyers in the room and that they’d do everything they could to get the best result. At the end, the other side completely gave in just before trial and we got what we wanted.” – Alex V.

“I can’t recommend Daniel Johnson highly enough. He represented me in a difficult case and got me a great result by being super prepared and aggressive. He anticipated every argument the other side raised and had the perfect response to give back. If you need help, Daniel and the people at his firm are folks you can trust.” – Dimitri K.

“Juan and Daniel are top notch. They know how to fight and get results. They used to represent the biggest companies in the world and you can tell because they know how to exert leverage on the other side to get the best outcome. Definitely recommend these guys!” – Carla K.

“The lawyers at Johnson Garcia LLP took care of me every step of the way! After my accident, I was hurt and insurance people kept calling me. I had no idea what to do, but I called Juan Garcia and he took over. It was such a relief to know everything would be taken care of and sure enough he handled everything. I would absolutely recommend Johnson Garcia to anyone who needs help after an accident.” – Maria O.

“You won’t find better people or lawyers to represent you. Juan and Daniel are honest but aggressive and tough. They are the real deal – if you need help, call them.” – Susan H.

“Daniel is one of the most honorable and accomplished lawyers you could ever hope to meet.” – Ed S.

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