texting while driving
Featured Projects / 28 March 2018

6 New Texas Vehicle Laws for 2018: Here’s What You Need to Know

Are you up to speed on the new vehicle-related laws recently passed for 2018? Some of these new Texas laws might factor into disputes over traffic accidents in Houston this year. Being aware of these…

Featured Projects / 26 March 2018

Third-Party Employee Injury Claims 101

On-the-job injuries aren’t always the result of actions or inactions by your employer. In some cases, the actions of a third party such as a customer or contractor may result in injuries to an employee….

worker injured on the job
social media posting
Featured Projects / 15 January 2018

Why You Need to Stay Away from Social Media After a Car Accident

These days, we tend to use social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share every detail of our lives, from little things like what we had for breakfast to major events like the birth…

Featured Projects / 2 January 2018

Avoiding Car Accidents Throughout Winter

  A record-breaking 107.3 million people likely hit the road to celebrate the holidays away from home this year, according to AAA.1 To put that number into perspective, from December 23rd to January 1st, alone,…

driving recklessly in snow
Featured Projects / 5 December 2017

Texas Newest Texting and Driving Law: Why This Legislation Will Help Save Lives

Texting while driving—it’s a hot topic, over recent years, and with good reason. Research shows that texting while driving is inherently a form of distracted driving—a phenomenon that causes thousands of accidents and deaths all…

Featured Projects / 16 November 2017

What Are My Legal Rights as a Seaman? The Jones Act Law and Beyond

Worker’s compensation laws often cover employees who suffer injuries on the job, but they don’t apply to seamen who earn their living on waterborne vessels. Instead of seeking redress under state ordinances, injured seamen must…

oil rig illustration
Featured Projects / 25 October 2017

Learn About The Drilling Platform vs. Vessel Oil Rigs

Oil drilling platforms and vessel oil rigs have key operational and legal differences that oil workers who have been injured onboard one of these facilities need to be aware of if they intend to pursue…

Featured Projects / 22 October 2017

What to Do When You Are Involved in a Houston Car Accident

Not everyone is as good of a driver as they might think. Otherwise, there would not be any car accidents. Nor does anyone plan on being involved in an auto accident—that is why they are…

Houston Car Accident
Hire a Maritime Lawyer
Featured Projects / 22 September 2017

When Should I Hire a Maritime Lawyer?

There are specific maritime laws that are used for people who are in the employee of a vessel in navigable waters. These laws include both domestic (U.S.) and international laws to cover a wide array…

Featured Projects / 8 September 2017

The Fatal Four – Common Causes of Construction Accidents

Construction workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. They must navigate a maze of hazards to earn their daily bread. Day in and day out, they toil around heavy objects, sharp…


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