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There are thousands of hard-working men and women employed in the offshore oil and gas or marine construction industries. Often, these individuals risk their lives or find themselves in unsafe conditions.


In addition to spending long periods away from their families, maritime workers often find themselves working in dangerous conditions while trying to earn an honest living. The money earned from these jobs can be attractive, but the corporations employing these workers make billions of dollars, and often sacrifice safety in the work environment in the name of profits. At Johnson Garcia LLP, we’ve personally seen how offshore accidents can cause devastating injuries to hard-working employees, and fully understand how Jones Act–maritime law can be used to protect seamen’s rights.


The lawyers at Johnson Garcia have a deep familiarity with the industry. Some of the world’s largest energy sector corporations utilized our services for more than two decades to defend themselves in the most serious cases. We understand the kinds of challenges you’ll face if you’ve been seriously hurt offshore or if a loved one has been killed in an accident, and our experience ensures you’ll have the edge needed to recover the maximum amount of damages.


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The Johnson Garcia Difference

When it comes to offshore injuries and accidents, you can make a great choice by retaining a Houston, TX, offshore injury attorney from Johnson Garcia to be your voice. We’ve provided Jones Act–maritime law support to the offshore industry for over 20 years representing drilling contractors, operators and oil field service companies. When it comes to describing the accident or offshore workplace, our lawyers understand how the industry really works, including the nature of the equipment, risks and oil patch lifestyle. We know exactly what you’re facing, and how to get you the damages you deserve.


Are you a Jones Act Seaman?

If you work on an offshore drilling rig, supply vessel or water vessel, you could be a Jones Act Seaman under maritime law. If you qualify as a Jones Act Seaman, the law provides important rights to help you recover damages if you’ve been injured on the job.  The lawyers at Johnson Garcia have handled hundreds of Jones Act cases, and understand how to protect your rights. If you or a loved one has been injured in an offshore accident, call us at (832) 844-6700 for a free case evaluation with an experienced Houston Jones Act lawyer.


Are You Entitled to Maintenance and Cure?

Under maritime law, “maintenance and cure” is a type of damages owed to crew members who have been hurt or made ill while on the job. Part of these damages are paid to cover the cost of medical care to “cure” a condition until they are well or have reached maximum medical improvement (often referred to as “MMI”). For most offshore injuries, reaching this level of improvement can take months or even years of treatment, potentially costing seamen and their loved ones a great deal.

The rest of the damages are intended to serve as “maintenance” payments to help support the crew member and his or her family while he or she is healing. It is critical that employers and vessel owners honor this legal obligation. If this doesn’t happen in your case, the lawyers at Johnson Garcia can begin a process to force them to pay every dollar you are owed.



Jones Act-Maritime Law


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Frequently Asked Questions*

A: Almost certainly not.  Maintenance and cure is an important obligation that arises automatically when a crew member gets injured or sick on board a vessel or offshore drilling rig.  It does not matter who and what is at fault – the money is owed under most circumstances because the Courts are protective of people who work offshore and at sea.  In fact, there can be serious consequences if the maintenance and cure obligations are ignored by your employer.  Call Johnson Garcia LLP and let us help you recover!   832-844-6700

A: Probably not.  The exact amount of maintenance owed to you may be dependent on several factors but courts have routinely required more than $20 per day to satisfy the obligation.  If you believe you are being underpaid maintenance, call us at Johnson Garcia LLP and let us give you a free evaluation.  We used to analyze these same issues for large corporations to help them understand the law. Now you can level the playing field by hiring attorneys who know what you are up against.  Call the lawyers at Johnson Garcia LLP now for a free evaluation.  832-844-6700

A: We cannot predict how employers will react once they learn that an employee has been injured or working in pain due to a work-related injury or accident, but we can make sure we do everything possible to protect your rights.  We know what you’re entitled to under the law and we know how to make sure the employer complies with its legal obligations. And importantly, it is absolutely critical that you not work in pain if you’ve been injured or hurt on the job or at work.  Working through pain can often lead to more serious injuries and/or accidents but often employers will pressure workers to keep at their jobs instead of taking the appropriate time to recover.  Your health must come first!  Call the lawyers at Johnson Garcia LLP for a free evaluation.  832-844-6700

*Note: Our FAQs are intended solely for informational purposes and should not be relied or construed upon as legal advice. Each case presents different facts that must be evaluated independently under law. Call us for a free case evaluation.832-844-6700